BrucoMining is a cloud monitoring service for your mining rigs

open source software

Based on well-know open source mining helper programs

most profitable coins

Auto switch on algorithm, pool and miner in order to find the most-profitable coin in real-time


Auto GPU/CPU benchmarking to calculate mining speeds of your devices

brucomining dashboard

Monitor all your rigs through the real-time dashboard page.
You can easily see mining performance, profits and status.
Average data is calculated automatically by BrucoMining engine.

brucomining notifications

Get notifications when workers go offline/online.
You can configure multiple recipients for a single worker.


Secure and easy setup

BrucoMining supports open-source software only. We believe that closed-source software monitoring tools are dangerous for your privacy and your data.

Get notified when your rig goes offline

Configure one or more realtime notification events, in order to take the corrective actions as soon as possible. Mobile push notifications are coming soon.

All your stats in one place

Use BrucoMining dashboard to monitor all your workers in one page. See actual pool, algorithm, speed, uptime, trends and historical data.

Monitor your rigs from everywhere

Web interface is built using enterprise security standards. You can easily access BrucoMining website from any device. Mobile app is coming soon.

Try it without subscription

Try and use BrucoMining. You can evaluate the service without fees and decide to upgrade later. Free plan includes 2 workers!

Great community support

There's a community behind every open source project. People with passion and love for mining and blockchain technology. Like us.

How it works

Register a free account

Create a free BrucoMining account to get your personal user key. Signup using your email and choose a strong password.

Choose a mining program

Go to our download page and choose between many popular mining helper programs. Follow instructions and customize settings according to your needs.

Configure miner

Install and configure your miners using your personal key. Monitoring will start immediately and you'll see live data of your workers on the dashboard page.